3 Reasons why you Don’t Start your Book!

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Do you keep thinking or talking about writing a book? Thoughts alone won’t make it happen! If you want to see your book in print, you need to make it a priority, make a plan, and obtain some skilful guidance to help you write the best possible book!

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is the The Book Midwife™, international speaker, top book coach and leading UK writing and publishing strategist.

You can and should write your book because it’s easier than you think, with the right help and guidance.



We all have lots of ideas for books.  Sometimes we have too many ideas and this can stop us from actually progressing with the book.  Having lots of ideas is a good thing!  And a great time to start working with a book coach is right at the beginning of your project.  Let The Book Midwife™ help you make sense of your ideas and turn them into a good plan and outline.  You may want to do the full 90-day programme, which takes you right from the idea all the way through to finished manuscript.  Or you may only need the Inspiration Session™ to make a powerful start.  Either way, you can take your idea and run with it.  Just get in touch with The Book Midwife™.


Maybe you started with lots of enthusiasm, but something has happened along the way.  Your motivation has changed, or the circumstances in your life.  Perhaps you have had a change of heart or the message you started with is no longer appropriate.  Maybe you are just confused!  That’s great!  A lot of Book Midwife™ clients get unstuck within a very shot time, sometimes from the very first session or phone call.  You don’t have to stay stuck.  Get in touch with The Book Midwife™ today and let’s get you to the next step, whatever that is for you.

If you are still at the ideas and planning stage or stuck somewhere in the middle, go to Start Writing.


Well done!  How do you feel about it?  Would you like an expert opinion about your book and some advice about next steps?  Editing is a fine art and we can help you get your book into the very best shape to present to agents and publishers, or to publish it yourself.  You will probably need a short surgery to go through publishing options and pre-publication planning.

If you have finished writing your book, go to
Get Published and let’s get you closer to your goal of seeing your book in print.

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