Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it

Here are a few of the clients we’ve worked with to deliver the highest quality books quickly and easily. If you have any questions about any of our clients and their books, simply contact us and we’d be happy to answer them.

Jeremy Lazarus, Author of Ahead of the Game

With extreme motivation and dedication, Jeremy completed his excellent information-packed 350-page book in just 4 months! It is consistenly on the Amazon bestseller list for Sports Psychology books.

Book: Ahead of the Game – How to Use your Mind to Win at Sport
Book Price: £ 19.99

Max Eames, Author of Wealth Mechanic

“You’ve given me a plan; you’ve given me my confidence back; and you’ve given me focus. Without either of these, I was heading toward failure.”

Book: Wealth Mechanic
Book Price: £ 19.97

Simon Zutshi, Author of Property Magic

Simon did my program in record time, as he had a big event coming up where he needed to have a book. He worked tirelessly to get the details right and kept up the momentum after the launch, which is when a lot of authors drop off. As a result, his book stayed on the bestseller list on Amazon for over 3 months!

Book: Property Magic
Book Price: £ 9.99

Roy Palmer, Sports Coach, Alexander Teacher and Author of Zone Mind Zone Body

“Someone recommended Mindy to me when I had mentioned an idea I had for a book. I had written and self-published a book 5 years earlier but this was rather a painful process which had taken over two years. I really didn’t want to go through that again! My first contact with Mindy was by phone when we discussed the idea and how it could be translated in a feasible book. We arranged a suitable period for follow up phone consultations based on the likely hours I could spend a week and how I could pace myself. Writing can be a lonely business and it is easy to get stuck in a rut and not see a way out. Mindy has helped on three such occasions by providing me with a plan to move on. The result is I am now about to complete my first draft of a book twice the length of my last book in less than half the time. It would have been easy to let it drag on or avoid the difficult bits of writing, but to know you have a call booked with Mindy is an incentive to keep going. This time I have found the whole process far more enjoyable and rewarding thanks to Mindy’s guidance.”

Book: Zone Mind, Zone Body
Book Price: £ 12.99

Rob Cross

“Meeting Mindy for me was one of those perfect opportunities, at a perfect time. After struggling to write a book for over 5 years, within the space of a few months Mindy helped me radically change my way of thinking to produce something that I’m not only incredibly proud of, but which is a huge hit with the target audience. I could not recommend Mindy highly enough – her support and guidance, along with her drive and energy is inspirational. Without it I would have no doubt that I’d still be struggling away writing words that no one would have ever read! Mindy will help you take your thoughts and turn them into something real!”

Book: Grad Expectations

Carol Talbot, NLP Trainer and Author of “Hitting the Wall”

“Without Mindy I would never have written a book! The initial sessions were invaluable in having a structure to work with and the ongoing coaching, support, encouragement and information from Mindy ensured I was on track and completed my book swiftly. It all flowed easily, effortlessly and was so much more enjoyable than I ever imagined! Although I am located on the other side of the world, Mindy will definitely be my coach for my next book!”

Book: Hitting the Wall
Book Price: £ 9.99

Pushpa Vaghela, Author of Standing at the Door

Pushpa came to me at the end of 2006 and really wanted to get started on her book before year end. She was so disappointed when I said she’d need to wait until January that I rearranged things and we met on December 27th! She then followed the system to the letter and produced this spell-binding book in exactly 90 days. The book continues to sell very well, especially to women from ethnic backgrounds that feel trapped.

Book: Standing at the Door
Book Price: £ 9.99

Lynn Hull and Julie Molner

When we, two potential co-authors living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, had the embryo of an idea of writing a book, we were fortunate enough to hear about Mindy Gibbins-Klein, The Book Midwife. This sounded just like what we were looking for and so we engaged her to get us underway. Mindy proved to be the catalyst we needed, working with us in a gentle yet no-nonsense way. Her approach to writing a book was nothing like either of us had anticipated or would have done had we worked alone. The result of working with Mindy was much better than we could have imagined.

Book: Your Life Your Way

Susie Heath, Author of The Essence of Womanhood

Do you ever feel you have lost touch with your femininity (ladies!)? Susie Heath has written a truly beautiful journey for you to follow to re-connect with your essence of womanhood. I worked with Susie from the start to publication of this book and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Book: The Essence of Womanhood
Book Price: £ 12.99

Lindsey Agness, Author of Change your Life with NLP

Lindsey was a model client who did my 90-day program, found an agent in record time and ended up with a book deal with Prentice Hall Life!

Book: Change Your Life with NLP
Book Price: £ 9.99

Sue Chambers, Author of Magical Sense

Sue had written part of her book but needed to get it into shape. She had tested the water with several traditional publishers but had no luck. Her condition created a sense of urgency to finish the book and get it into the market, which we did over a very short time.

Book: Magical Sense – Living with MS
Book Price: £ 9.99

Sheila Steptoe, Author of Before I Get Old and Wrinkly

Sheila had already published one book when she came to me. She needed guidance, structure and advice to do her second book more strategically and faster than the first book.

Book: Before I Get Old and Wrinkly
Book Price: £ 11.49

Rob Brown, Business Speaker, Consultant and Author of How to Build your Reputation

“Mindy is my book coach, and I can honestly say that my book has twice the quality and authenticity of it might have been because she was involved. One of the most optimistic and connected women I know, she is brilliant to work with and the only person in the world I recommend in this field. If there’s a book in anyone, Mindy will bring it out!”

Book: How to Build Your Reputation
Book Price: £ 14.99


I wanted to put a book together that contained all the knowledge a new entrepreneur would need, from the idea stage through to start-up and on to marketing, sales, customer service and much more. The problem is, there aren’t many experts on the complete cycle. 

So, I got 19 top experts together, each an authority in his/her area, and we created BusinessWise in just three months. On launch day, it hit Number 2 in Amazon Business Books and it continues to sell well and receive excellent reviews.

Book: BusinessWise
Book Price: £ 9.99

Eilidh Milnes, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author of Love Your Life…Survive the System

“I would never have taken the time to execute this planning process without you. You have given me the confidence to start work. Mindy, thank you so much for working with me to get my book project off the ground. The day I spent with you was invaluable. You were instrumental in the book being published and I doubt if anyone else could have done this for me.”

Book: Love Your Life…Survive the System
Book Price: £ 12.95

David Walters, Author of After the Falklands

“Mindy is brilliant! Her detailed knowledge of the publishing industry, enthusiasm for new books and endless patience with her authors all combine to create an irresistible force which guarantees your book will be produced on time. After months of prevarication, avoidance and denial, I’m simply amazed at how easy it was to produce my first book. I couldn’t have done it without Mindy. Everyone has a book inside them – let Mindy help you bring yours into the world – you deserve to take the easy option!”

Book: After the Falklands
Book Price: £ 14.99